Kitchen Remodel week 1 recap

Crappy, cheap white kitchen

our make shift kitchen during the renovation

Kitchen renovation Pt. 1 week 1 recap

the back workroom

It’s amazing when you go away on vacation for a week, leave your mother in charge of your kitchen renovation what you come back to!

new kitchen in waiting, cabinets, appliances and tile  

My husband and I escaped to the Shenandoah Valley during  messiest and loudest part of the renovation. The major demolition was completed while we were gone. The crappy white cabinets-gone, the awful white tile-gone, the wall between rooms-gone! We came back to a big empty dusty room.  It should be about a six week project. 

All of the cabinets, wood floors, appliances, backsplash tile are in the house and have left us with a pathway from the front door to the back. I hope the progress keeps moving and there are no major problems.

Our designer stopped by and informed us that I could get a bigger cabinet by the stove. Who doesn’t want more storage space so I course I agreed. 
As we move along I’ll keep you posted,

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