Biscuit Bash 2016

A sure sign of the beginning of summer is the annual Biscuit Bash sponsored by Art Smith’s Art &; Soul restaurant. 12 restaurants are brought in to compete for best biscuit. There are always both sweet and savory creations. There are the secret official judges and then there is the Peoples Coice winner, that’s were we come in. We get to sample the 12 creations and we get to vote on our favorite. It’s a tough job but we were up for the task. After eating our way through the the competition it was time to critique the creations and to pick our choice… Sweet, savory, spicy,or unusual. Which would get my vote?

Rappahannock fried oyster with tomato jam

They were all good. And it was a tough choice. Do you go with unusual ingregoents such as octopus and foie gras from Rural Society, fried Rappohanpck oysters and tomato jam, a bahn mi on a waffle biscuit? There were the biscuits in sweet catagories-strawberries on a biscuit with thyme, peaches with vanilla ice cream from Goodies Ice cream truck.

BBQ Bus Bahn Mi biscuit

Mistitam Cafe’s biscuit rabbit sausage

12 contenders, 12 biscuits who would win the night? For me it was a tie between three. But in the end my vote token went to the BBQ Bus Bahn mi BBQ biscuit. 

The people’s  choice winner was…..  Chef Alex McCoy of Alfie’s

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