Dream Kitchen and new FARGRIK

TA DA my long awaited dream kitchen I love when things happen when you are not around, don’t you? It seems like magic. One day there is cardboard protecting the floors and plum lines chalked… View Post

Kitchen update week 4

floors are level and it is one big room  new windows, drywall is going up    new cabinets and new cook top and stove One level floor, what a difference it makes    I am a little behind… View Post

Kitchen Remodel update week 3

kitchen is down to the bones Kitchen remodel progress week 3 Well it’s been 3 weeks since the start of renovation to the kitchen. Progress is being made even after a 3 day work stoppage.… View Post

Kitchen Remodel week 1 recap

Crappy, cheap white kitchen our make shift kitchen during the renovation Kitchen renovation Pt. 1 week 1 recap the back workroom It’s amazing when you go away on vacation for a week, leave your mother… View Post