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Cigars and Chocolate Tastings In The Dominican Republic

When you think of cigars do the images of big southern tobacco farms or low lit dark paneled rooms with fine leather chairs, cognac and old gentlemen come to mind? Or perhaps, Cuba, big colorful…

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A Small But Mighty Museum Survives The COVID 19 Lockdown

Almost two years ago we packed a small bag jumped in the car and headed south of DC to the small historic Virginia town of Staunton. The town is an old mill town and  …

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Lockdowns Are Easing And Now It’s Time To Travel

The first week of June is our traditional Shenandoah Valley vacation. Virginia still had draconian lockdown measures and we didn’t think this vacation was going to happen. It proved to be true. Phase 1 happened…

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What Did You Bake During the COVID 19 Lockdown?

    Twelves weeks ago we were sent home. Stay home save lives, flatten the curve so we went home and stayed there. Catch up on old movies they said, catch up on reading, they…

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COVID 19 Lockdown Travel; 48 Hours or One Night in Bangkok

Week 11 of the lockdown, but it might as well be week 9,345. It doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to end. The restrictions are easing a bit where I live, but I’m not hopping…

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