Kitchen Remodel update week 3

kitchen is down to the bones

Kitchen remodel progress week 3

Well it’s been 3 weeks since the start of renovation to the kitchen. Progress is being made even after a 3 day work stoppage. The windows are in and the stairs to the basement are now straight and not so scary on when you desend.

framing is going in

The schedule so far is stairs, raise the floor in the sun room, dry wall and electrical. 

Two separate rooms are now one, the floor is still uneven

It’s been loud and very dusty, fortunately I get to miss most of that since I am at work while the crews are working! Not sure how the hubster is coping with the noise as he tries to sleep during the day.  My mom is still overseeing the project and will text me with questions of this and that. But it is fun to come home and see the day’s reveal. The work crew put up a blue tarp to cover the entrance when they start and take it down to reveal the daily progress. Ta da!  

The stairs are now straight

I still have yet to destroy the remaining white cabinet. All in due time, perhaps this weekend? Can’t you just hear “It’s good to be a gangsta” in the background as I take a baseball bat to it?? 

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