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DISCLAIMERthis is my review of the GelPro Elite mat. In exchange for the mat I agreed to write a review. I received this mat as part of the gifts I received at the International Food Bloggers Conference I attended last year.


Lemon cake with white chocolate frosting, one of the many cakes I am baking this year. 

Ok, I do apologize for not being active and writing blog posts. But I have been busy. There has been lots of baking, trip planning and most of all planning for a kitchen renovation. Yes, after 15 years of living in the awfully designed kitchen I am finally getting a kitchen that will work for me!

One of many batches of marshmallows

In the meantime I have been baking. Of course there were the standard holiday baking of cookies, fruitcake, candies, and marshmallows. I have moved on to a cake a month, trying different frosting techniques and learning how to bake with yeast. I also have pulled out the waffle iron and we are waffling up all sorts of things!  

An apple rosette

Dozens of cookies

More cookies

My first attempt at Swedish Cardamom cinnamon rolls

All this baking requires lots of standing and on cold hard tile and crappy peel and stick tiles. My feet and knees get very tired. Now  I am fed up. Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to receive a free GelPro Mat Elite as part of the International Food Blogger Conference swag in exchange for a review.

Finally relief for my feet and legs!

Well it took only minutes for me to exclaim “Where have these been all my baking life”. It seems everyone had one but me. I knew about them from friends and family. Now that I have been standing on one for the last 5 months, I don’t think that I can live without it now. They come in so many colors sizes, and patterns, it might be overwhelming. Once you step on you won’t want to do without one. Squishy soft and comfortable. I even have to fight the dog for space to stand when I am baking.  Most of all, off what the dog doesn’t lick off of them, they clean up easily. 

Our dog Sherlock loves the GelPro mat as much as I do  

Dog approved

In my house the GelPro Mat Elite was  baker and dog tested and most importantly dog and baker approved.   Two thumbs and two paws up!  

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