My heart belongs to Paris

View from Notre Dame

After the recent events in Paris this past weekend, my thoughts are with the French people and Paris. The memories of our first trip to the City of Lights came flooding in to my mind
It was June of 1997. The hubster had been home for a few months after his deployment to Bosnia. This  was out first big trip since we moved to Germany. We took the train from Germany to Paris. How great it was, 4 hours and we were in Paris. From the train we hopped on the metro. Ah, the famous Paris  metro. The smelly, hot and crowded metro. And if you are lucky you are treated to a street preformance, some good and some very bad.

The view of Sacre Coure 

We spent 4 days seeing the sights. We hit all the major sites. Up early and out late. Taking it all in as if we would never come back. And of course Paris is about the food. Finding small stores, eating as many pastries as we could, and picnicking under the Eiffel Tower at sunset.
I’m always asked what is it about Paris. To be honest it is the most magical city I have ever visited. There is just something aboutot I just can’t describe. The history, the art, the food, can’t really say. So when Islamic extremists unleashed terror on Friday November 13th my heart sank. This was my city. Innocent people lost their lives doing normal things, going to a soccer game, eating and drinking with friends in a restaurant and going to a concert.
Paris and it;s people will get up and go on. So to do the only thing I could think of I went into the kitchen and I needed to bake something. The classic apple tarte titan.

The makings of a tare tatin

Apple Tarte Tatin

I can’t wait to back and I hope it’s soon. My heart will always belong to Paris.

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