A little quiet time

It’s late in the morning, a pie is in the oven for my National Pie Day post, the cat is finally asleep so the house is really quiet.

I wanted to take some time to figure out what I wanted  blog about this year. I really didn’t make much time to blog last year. This year I’d like to change that so instead of focusing on food holidays (well let’s not totally forget to celebrate those) I’ll still do those occasionally.  I want to focus at least the bake part on all  the things that have intimidated me. Since my pie crust fears have been conquered I now want to take on puff pastry, choux pastry and macarons. And create all the pastries I LOVE to eat in Paris.

On the eat part I do want to get out more, by myself and when the hubster gets home. DC restaurant week is in February and I do have reservations for at least one restaurant. I do want to take an excursion to Union Market in my Ward and visit and get to know the vendors there. I would like Union Market to become my go to place for my baking and cooking needs.

And last is the travel part. We do have two trips planned so far, a cruise and our annual trip to Massanutten. Massawhaten? Massanutten it’s our go to get out of the city escape. It’s in the Shenandoah Valley and for us it is a chance to get away relax, play golf, go the the spa, eat good food, drink good local beer and wine.

So there is, written down for all to see.

I hope you will continue to follow me on this part of my journey. I hope to have more successes than failures (oh, you’ll see those). And as always there will be a little swearing, cut fingers and fingernails a long the way. Thanks mom for setting me on this different journey.

Make time to eat out more.

There will always be an excuse to make pie 

Travel should always be part of life.

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