Shaker Lemon Pie for National Pie Day

Winter time needs days that celebrate good food. Citrus is in season to help us get through the cold winter months, So, it’s a win win all around, well at least for me. Today is National Pie Day. And to celebrate all things pie and citrus I made a Shaker Lemon Pie. I love tart pies ( I love all pie, I don’t discriminate).

Last week I  asked my friends on Facebook if anyone had seen Meyer lemons in the stores yet and low and behold the next day was a  bag of Meyer lemons so I decided to make this pie for pie day.

This recipe comes from the Shaker community, maybe from Southern Ohio.  The Shakers are very frugal and this recipe is no exception, it uses the whole lemon rind and all.

Once again I’ll take some to work and some to share with my neighbors. Like the fig newtons if this turns out well I will make it for the hubster when he comes home in June. I’m sure he won’t complain about being my taste tester again.

Meyer lemons awaiting their fate

Lemons starting to macarate in sugar

Pie crust dough

Pie awaiting the oven

Out of the oven and cooling, HURRY HURRY I want a bite
Let’s eat

This recipe is adapted from, Kate McDermott.

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