Cookbooks galore

I have been working on purging my kitchen of unused stuff and cookbooks. My love of books carries over into to the kitchen. The collection of books was taking over my workspace.  This collection has my favorite TV chefs’ books, some signed. I have so many Martha books they take up several shelves. Julia Child is also prevalent. I was able to collect a 1st edition of Mastering The Art of French Cooking. Lots of french  cookbooks, books on Greece, and Italian cooking.  Books on chocolate and then there is my latest obsession- cupcakes. And so many more. I love a book with good pictures.

As I have been going through my books my memories turn to the first cookbook ever I received. It was at my 8th or 10th birthday party and it was from my neighbor. The Junior Cookbook by Better Homes and Garden. I made a lot of the oatmeal raisin cookies. I remember them as the best. I had, unfortunatly, gotten rid of this book long ago. While working on a wonderful collection of cookbooks at work a few years ago I was able track it down from a book seller in Virginia. And once again it is in my collection.
As a lover of books getting rid of cookbooks has been hard but as I make room for a more organized and spacious work space it has been worth it. There may even room for new books, maybe?

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