Traditions on a Sunday Morning

Our breakfast spot
Sunday morning breakfast

Sunday mornings are for leisurely reading the paper and drinking coffee. At least this is what my husband and I have been doing for the last 5 years. This doesn’t happen in our home but at our neighborhood coffee shop, Cafe Sureia.
This local coffee shop has been open for as longs as we have been going. So, it has become our traditional Sunday morning routine. We love our neighborhood and were very happy that a local coffee shop opened in the Brookland neighborhood of the District. We have gotten to know the owners very well. In fact, for about the first year after we started going, our orders were always wrong. Our coffee was always the last to arrive and our breakfast order was mixed up. It became a comedy of errors to us. Then one morning Sureia herself came and sat down on the sofa to introduce herself and to apologize. We were know as the “couple whose order is always wrong”. So, we introduced ourselves to Sureia and told her we did not mind waiting for our food but the coffee was the important thing and we wanted it right away. Ever since that day we have not had to order our food or coffee. They know us so well now that they hold the everything bagel just for us. Our food comes right away and  order is never wrong. And the coffee is good, strong and quick.

Cafe Sureia on 12th street in Brookland

We have come to know many of the other folks in the neighborhood and have a real sense of community. And that is what we were searching for when we moved here from Northern Virginia. As long as Suria’s is open we will continue with our Sunday morning tradition.

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