When life gives you lemons make lemon bars.

When life gives you lemons make lemon curd and as much as I love lemonade, I love lemon curd so much more. You can do a lot of things with lemon curd, bedsides eating it straight from the bowl. You can spread it between crepes, between layers of cake, make tarts, spread it on scones, and this list goes on and on.
I find making lemon curd is easy. Cook fresh lemon juice, sugar, and eggs yokes. When it becomes thick stir in some butter and at the end and you have lemon curd.

Lemon bars
Lemon bars with meringue

Today I made lemon bars with a meringue topping. This recipe once again comes from Ad Hoc at home, by Thomas Keller.
The fun part is the meringue. Playing with a blow torch can but fun. ( Be careful not to set your house on fire, children get parental supervision).


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