National Apple Dumpling Day

Many people rejoice the arrival of September, kids go back to school, Pumpkin Spice Lattes arrive in coffee shops everywhere, the weather is cooler and less humid and apples make their appearance at farmers markets.
I for one love September, I hate the heat and I do suffer, so when the cooler weather arrives I savor it.
September 17th is the holiday to celebrate the Apple Dumpling! Yes, there actually is a food holiday to celebrate the apple dumpling. In fact there is a food holiday for everyday. It’s a way to celebrate all things food.

To celebrate the apple dumpling I made, apples dumplings of course. I used the recipe including in my King Arthur Flour catalog. Recipe can be found here King Arthur Flour.

I made the dough first and from the start I knew it was not going well my butter was warm and I really over mix the dough. I was right, the dough was not flakey at all  and boy was it tough! It took a knife to get to the apples, which by the way came out perfectly soft and sweet. They were well seasoned with the perfect sugar cinnamon combination.

I quickly fixed the problem by using my homemade vanilla ice cream that I just happened to have on hand. Cold ice cream on apples quickly makes you forget the crust is rather inedible and is a great combination to the hot sweet apple. 

Next time I’ll be careful and stick to my pie crust recipe. Now that apple season is  just getting started there will be other opportunities, I can redeem myself. So let’s never speak of this again!      

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