Learning to Make Croissants Virtually.

It seems 2020 was the year we all learned to make bread. As lockdowns became more prevalent the shortage of flour and yeast were very serious. Even mail order was sold out. I did make… View Post

The Quintessential Southern Pudding to Celebrate Pudding Month

Southern pot luck dinner, BBQs or the Sunday family dinner just wouldn’t be truly southern if this one dish was missing. That one dish is Banana Pudding. Served warm or cold, meringue topping or whipped… View Post

National Apple Dumpling Day

Many people rejoice the arrival of September, kids go back to school, Pumpkin Spice Lattes arrive in coffee shops everywhere, the weather is cooler and less humid and apples make their appearance at farmers markets. I for one… View Post

Ice cream you scream, or, you could just ask

Time is weaning on this growing season. Oh there are still plenty of tomatoes at the farmers markets. My shaded front steps have become a small herb farm. I seem to be able to grow basil, thyme, margoram and a… View Post