May Day, May Day

A birthday toast and cupcake to me

May Day, May Day, May Day, is normally the distress call at sea but for me it is the call of my birthday. Yes, I still love to celebrate. Why would you stop celebrating? It’s a day or month for some people that will not be named, that revolves around you! Presents, cake, dinner perhaps. Cake did I mention cake?

This year’s celebration was a cupcake and a sip of Birkin, that oh so delicious liquor from Iceland. 
And as treat my plan was to make chocolate puff pastry. And I failed, well not that is was terrible or didn’t puff up type of failing. I failed early in the process. What happens when you put the wrong paddle attachment on your stand mixer? You end up with cocoa and flour everywhere and a shirt that looks like you slept on the ground at Mardi Grais. It took an hour to clean up and I wasted the last of the flour and the KerryGold butter that I had. Needless to say there was no puff pastry for my birthday. I ended up making Pots de Creme a week later. Well since I celebrate all month then it’s ok. The Chocolate Puff Pastry will have to wait for another time or another birthday! 

Aftermath of a flour and cocoa mishap

Pots De Creme

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