National Burger Month

Grandma’s burgers

May is National Burger Month! Yup that’s right a whole month to celebrate all burger goodness. In fact did you know that there is a holiday to celebrate food every day? Everyday. 

Now I could just throw a burger on the grill, slap condiments on it, photograph it and post it. BORING!! No, I going to turn it up a notch and cook it the way my grandmother did. Have I mentioned my Southern grandmother? So, I’m going to fry it in bacon fat, yes I did go there, and I said BACON FAT.

Bacon fat makes everything taste better!

I spent the summer of 72 with my grandparents. Hamburgers were the one thing I wanted her to make morning, noon and night!  They were magical to me. Today I would call them crack burgers but when you are twelve and grew up way back when, then magic is what they were. Now my grandma was very southern and I seem to  remember she cooked and fried most things in bacon fat, burgers, cornbread and I’m many other things as well. I think that she had a jar of the stuff by the stove.

Now, back to those burgers. She would fry them turning only once. Once turned she would place one half of the bun on top to soak up the burger juice. What seemed like forever the burger was cooked she would place the burger on the bottom portion of the bun and serve them. Mustard, katsup whatever you need to put on your bun go ahead. Maybe a side of potato salad or a deviled egg or two and a big glass of tea, sweet tea to the south, just plain iced tea for me.          

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