French Pastries

Too many eclairs

Salted caramel, raspberry, cherry and chocolate and hazelnut.

The highlight of our quick trip to the city of lights, cheese and bread had to have been the eclairs, at least for me. Our apt was up the street from L’Éclair de Génie and when confronted with the enviable question of which one will you have? It was  hard not to order one of each, but we settled on just 4. The cherry, chocolate caramel, raspberry and the grand prise winner the salted caramel. Works of art! As hard as it was, we were pretty good about enjoying them and not scarfing them down in one sitting.  

Citron tart, Isphan, hazelnut millefuille and chocolate noir pastries
chocolate covered marshmallows, jelly candies and a box of chcoclates

picnic in park

sandwich, wine and chips 

During our trip we picked up pastries at la mère de famille and Pierre Hermé and headed to the Le Jardin du Luxembourg Luxembourg for a nice picnic in the park. Which I am really not sure if you are allowed to drink wine in the parks so we tucked out bottle in one of our bags and poured into the glasses thinking that no one was watching. We thought we would be caught as 5 police officers were interrupting a chess match. No one was carted away so I guess the game continued uninterrupted. After a nice break in the garden it was back to Pierre Hermé for more pastry, late night snacks need to be tamed! 
We took a break at Angelina for lunch. Since it was a little chilly and rainy it was a perfect day for the famous hot chocolate and their signature pastry, The Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc and hot chocolate

There is nothing wrong with hazelnut millefuille a Chocolate Noir Cake with your morning croissants, is there?  

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