Civet Cat coffee tasting!

Final product and what is looks like before roasting

Normally one would not say no to a warm cup of coffee on a cold January day but this coffee just might turn you off to drinking it all together. But I took that leap of faith and signed up for the Kopi Luwak coffee tasting at my local coffee shop.
What is that you ask? Well let me tell you it is coffee that comes out of the back end of the digestive track of the small Civet cat from the jungles of Sumatra. Now, I know what you are thinking, ewwwwww.  And trust me I thought the same thing too. I also said no way I would ever drink coffee that comes from cat poop.
I took the plunge, bit the bullet and signed up for the tasting at Zeke’s. The anticipating grew as I started out on my walk to the shop. To my surprise the shop was crowed with curious coffee tasters like me. As the tasting started John, one of the owners, explained the process. And before all the PETA haters start in on me. This coffee is naturally harvested these cats are not farmed and force fed the coffee cherries. The coffee was poured and the timid tasters laughed and joked about the coffee. After letting the coffee cool down a bit, I didn’t want to run the risk of burns to my tongue, I took my first sip.
Hey, to my surprise it was dark and rich, earthy and less acidic than some of the roast that I normally drink.
That was a very good cup off coffee. Would I do it again yes. Hopefully next year Zeke’s will do another taste testing. But for now I am happy to cross this off my bucket list of food. What’s next fugu? Puffin? Fermented shark? Horse meat perhaps? Never say never is my motto now. I’ll try it once how about you?

Getting ready for the tasting

Up close and personal with the sample

Yes it THAT coffee!

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