Just a wee bit of shortbread and scotch

On this day in 1759, Scotland’s poet, Robbie Burns was born. He is celebrated every year with a toast. You may even know one of his most widely recited poems, you may sing it on New Years Eve. Yes, its Auld Lang Syne. So to honor Robbie Burns I made shortbread cookies.
The recipe for the cookies is adapted from the Highlander’s Cookbook: Recipes from Scotland by Sheila MacNiven Cameron. I used KerryGold unsalted butter and had to adjust the time a bit. The first batch was too dark and so the rest of the cookies came out just fine when I cut the time in half. I purchased it online from vintage bookseller, Omnivore Books, in San Fransisco. Even though my clan is from the Lowlands, I think that I’ll keep it.
I would have toasted with haggis but unbeknownst to me haggis is illegal to import into the US. I’m sure that you are glad. It’s really not bad, I’ve had it, twice in one week even! Maybe it should go on my  bucket list to make, or not. I’m not sure it might be hard to find sheep’s stomach and other bits and pieces.

So on this day I raise a wee glass of whisky (if is true Scottish there is no e in whisky) and eat a shortbread.

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