Happy Birthday Julia Child

Julia’s kitchen at the National Museum of American History

Julia and Jacques cooking together

We should celebrate Julia’s birthday. Or maybe I should. I had the wonderful opportunity to met Julia many years ago. She and Jacques Pepin where on their book tour Cooking at home with Julia and Jacques. My mom purchased tickets to the meet and greet cocktail party and lecture. I was in line with all my cookbooks in my bag. What would I say or what question should I ask them? I was getting nervous as the line slowly moved to see them. Then, when it was my turn to meet them I could muster was “Thank you for teaching my mom to cook”. That was it! That is all I could think to say? NO, then in an instant it was time to move on. But wait, my mom didn’t cook while I was growing up. She learned much later in life. I learned to cook and make dinner while my parents were attending night school.

Because of where I work I have the wonderful pleasure that I can visit her kitchen when mood strikes me.

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