Pick your own

Stawberries ready for jam

In the process

Ready for eating

Tart Cherry Jam

Fresh bread, butter and jam

Plum jam

Plums ready to boil

Plum jam

Late spring and well into summer means one thing to the local farms in the rolling hills of Maryland pick your own fruit. I have picked tart cherries and strawberries. I had a great opportunity to go to Holmstead Farms in Poolsville, MD. Of course it was a hot and sticky day in the DC area so naturally we ventured out of the city to the countryside for locally grown fruit. There is nothing like picking your own food. It taste so much better than anything you can find in a grocery store. Biting into warm fresh picked strawberries, so sweet and flavorful.  I picked 3 pounds of strawberries and 6 pounds of tart cherries what to make?? I made small batch of strawberry jam and a tart cherry jam. At the farmer’s market I bought apricots and small sweet plums again for very small batch jam. Peaches are in season now so I guess that I make that as well. In the dead of winter I will have jam that will remind me of the hot and sticky days of DC summers. Oh, how I love summer.

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