Deep fried turkey

Getting ready to fry

Turkey waiting for the fryer
Traditional cranberry sauce 
After the skin feeding frenzy

OK, this may seem a bit late but the holiday does get a bit busy.  About six years ago we bought a turkey fryer. No, not the ones that burn down your deck or house, but an electric indoor fryer. This was the best investment we made.  We will never go back to oven roasting again
The turkey that is produced is the most moist and tender turkey I have ever made for Thanksgiving. You can brine them, stuff them, cut them up and cook the breast and legs separately, but there is nothing like carving up  juicy turkey and presenting to family and friends on the holiday. 
As soon as it the timer goes off we let it rest bit and the feeding frenzy begins. The pushing and grabbing to get the skin before it’s all gone. Oh, the humanity!
And of  course it is all topped off with the traditional cranberry sauce (of course the one in the can).

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