Via Las Vegas

When you tell people you are going to Vegas for a week what comes to mind? 99 cent shrimp cocktails, foot long hot dogs, cheap all you can eat buffets?
There seems to be a food lovers dilemma in Vegas going on. It seems that if you are anybody you have a restaurant in Vegas. All the top chefs do it seems. Upscale choices and different as you can get.
So, when I bought my travel guide book of Vegas I didn’t looked up celebrity chef spots I looked up the spots where the locals go. We tracked down the old establishments like the Bay City Diner which is now called Du-Par’s for the best pancakes in town to Vic and Anthony’s steakhouse that has been around since the Rat Pack performed in Vegas. It features steak so tender you could cut it with a fork, so I did, and the biggest baked potatoes I have ever seen (loaded with fixins of course). We had great chili dogs at Pinks that could give Ben’s a run for the money.

Pinks Hot Dogs

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Well now that was good

Bay City Diner now Du-Par’s

Still has the signs up

Enjoying the counter

Legendary pancakes

Frozen custard

Yes you do need the bib

Could not get enough of these sweet potato fries

Sweet and juicy shrimp

The remnants

One messy table

The next spot was Serendipity 3 where the four of us polished of the famous Frozen Hot  Chocolate. The best discovery was a place that serves the most sweet and succulent crawfish and shrimp place- Hot and Juicy Crawfish (it’s been featured on the travel channel). We could not get enough of the sweet potato fries. If you want the best frozen custard then you must to go to Luv it Custard. You’ll need to go early because they only feature about 5 flavors a day and once they sell out that’s it. The best deal seems to at Mr. Lucky’s  24/7. The $7.77 surf and turf special that is not on the menu. I have to say the steak was extremely tasty and juicy for something that’s only 8 bucks. So, take a chance, roll the dice and pick a local spot any spot and I think you’ll be amazed.

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