This is only temporary for two years

My view for ten years

My view for the last year

If you can call this a view

My cubicle in the cubicle city

Well the day has finally come that our department has to move out of our “home” at the Natural History Museum. I had a lovely spot that looked out to Constitution Ave for 10 years. After my promotion the window got smaller as I moved up. Now for two years while we wait for our “home”to be renovated we will reside in a viewless and breezy cool swing space. I do love the cubicle city and my new workstation is bigger than what I had. So that is a plus. The four flights of stairs should be a good way to start the day. Taking the elevators is a mystery all unto itself. So, depending on what elevator you take to the office you could push the button to the  2nd, 4th or take it to the 6th floor and wind your way through anthropology and come down to the 4th floor. So, let’s hope that these next two years go by quickly.  I need some chocolate.


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