Quick visit to Troy, NY

My first trip takes me to Troy, NY– which is my second trip to Troy. The first trip was to visit my brother  at RPI. His fraternity bought out the first three rows to the Bruce Springsteen concert. So, that weekend I touched Bruce’s left knee cap. We were that close! We watched the very first appearance of The Grateful Dead on SNL. It was a great weekend. AHHH youth.

This trip was to celebrate my friend’s wedding. We became good friends while we were living in Germany. I did not know what to expect cities change over the years. I must say Troy has a wonderful farmer’s market. I was impressed with the variety of vendors and food. I brought home a Stevia plant, homemade marshmallows and even my smoked mozzarella made it through security.
We had breakfast a small local joint call Lansingburgh Cafe. A very cosy place. I had the Eggs Benedict and it was very good. They used real ham not Canadian Bacon, the potatoes were great.

We walked around town. There are a lot of art galleries and antique shops. I was looking forward to eating at Brown’s Tap Room. We ordered the 6 beer sampler which consisted of  a variety of light and dark beer a hefe-weizen, India pale ale, cherry raspberry ale, whiskey porter, oatmeal stout, and a porter. I don’t usually like dark beers but I actually liked the porter and whiskey porter the best, who knew!

I ordered the fish and chips and the batter was wonderful. The batter was crispy and amber in color and you could taste the porter in the batter. Fried to perfection. Dessert was a very hard decision, Porter Chocolate Cake or Caramel Apple Dumpling. the dumpling won out. It was a great choice the apple was firm and did not fall apart when you cut into it. The crust was as flaky and buttery, and the caramel was light and sweet.

It was a short trip but well worth it. Good friends and a lot of good food and beer.


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  1. xoxoxoe
    July 17, 2010 / 2:47 am

    Great post and blog, Ninette! I want that caramel apple dessert!

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