Lockdowns Are Easing And Now It’s Time To Travel


The first week of June is our traditional Shenandoah Valley vacation. Virginia still had draconian lockdown measures and we didn’t think this vacation was going to happen. It proved to be true. Phase 1 happened rather slowly in VA and for us it was not worth going. No restaurants, no pool, no spa, or beer and wine paring dinners. They didn’t even have the cable hooked up. So with a quick phone call we changed  our plans. We headed in the opposite direction to the beach,. Ocean City, MD was open. We packed our bags and away we went.

My social distancing beach blanket  

We had a lovey one bedroom condo on the bayside. Just two blocks from the beach, restaurants and best of all the famous OC boardwalk was open. You still needed to wear a mask inside shops and of course there was curbside pick up at most restaurants. Bars were open for limited outside seating or to go. Crab cakes and liquor slushees to go, please. We even followed the 6 ft social distancing rule still effect even on the beach. The best social distancing blanket proved to be perfect.

Crab-cakes are summer at the beach

Thank goodness the OC bus was running so you could ride all day for $3.00. We hopped on and ventured down to the boardwalk. What a fun day. Bright sun and a a good sea breeze. The iconic Thrasher’s fries are a must. Just protect them because the gulls will swoop down and steal them if you aren’t careful. Ice cream, pizza, saltwater taffy and Fisher’s Carmel corn are all the different treats you can find as you walk up and down the boardwalk.











We saw groups of wannabe lifeguards practicing drills. The Jolly Rancher Amusement park at the end of the boardwalk was still closed, a casualty of the lockdown. It was good to see the miniature golf courses Up and down the strip were opening but water parks still closed. The Locks of Love phenomenon can be found even on the pier. The certainly  don’t last long in the salt air. The nature and the corrosion will win, even over love.



The best place for doughnuts is hands down The Fractured Prune is the place for hot, fresh out of this world doughnuts. Sorry Dunkin.  But hot fresh made to order doughnuts can’t be beat. So naturally we had to get a half dozen. they maybe small but man are they scrumptious Of course the area Is famous for the steamed MD blue crab.  There is nothing like fresh Maryland and local seafood. The Original Crab cake Company was as the end of the block so we go a to go order of crab cakes and fixings. On our last night we ate at Hooked. They had a few table outside on the upper deck in the sun so it was a nice way to end vacation. Fish and chips and scallops and cheesy grits. The South can have the shrimp I’ll take sea scallops any day!





On both the drive to and from the beach there are plenty of farmers stands with local produce along the sides of the road. Can’t pass up fresh, local fruit or vegetables.We picked up strawberries and one of the traditional vacations foods deep fried hand pies.


Our vacation was cut short and we had come back to the city. We are already plotting our return later this summer or early fall.  If things work out we will be munching on crab cakes and and sitting on the beach with our toes in the sand.



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