Fall adventure begins

Well, it’s finally here. We are off on our big fall adventure. A two week European cruise. It has been two years in the planning and dreaming stages and now we are off. 
Do you rely on internet for your sightseeing information? Me? Well I am still old school and buy travel books. My favorite for traveling are these small pop out maps. They are compact and easy to carry around and use and they are just fun to make pop up. Then once you are done with them, they make great souvenirs.  

I also am a light packer. Once I only used a carry on for two weeks in Scotland and France. We usually travel with just a carry on and a personal bag. But for some reason we are going to be checking a big bag. Granted it is for both of us and it is two weeks of traveling. We really tried to pair things down. And I’m sure when we get back we will come to the realization that we over packed as cruisers tend to do.

How do you pack? Rolling method, packing cubes, the folding method? This time I incorporated all those in to the one big suitcase for both of us.   

On to the adventure. Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, Morocco and finally a stop in Normandy.   We will walk through history on the beaches of Normandy and I will get to see the Bayeux Tapestry, finally. Lots of Monasteries in Spain, the beaches of the Canary Islands and of course the food in Lisbon. Oh, the food of Lisbon. I am looking forward to stuffing  my face with pastries, seafood and whatever else I can find as we wind our way through Lisbon.  

Most of all this two weeks is to unwind. No internet, no phones and no social media (well maybe occasionally I’ll post a picture), just sun and fun. Any internet access will be found in cafes or at the cruise ports.  You can usually spot those cruisers that don’t purchase internet access huddled around Wifi hot spots in port, like campers around the fire in winter. 

See you on the other side!

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