In from the garden

Well now that it’s August vegetables from my garden are starting to be harvested. And that’s it except for my 4 potato plants my garden had given up all it’s going to produce. My miniature garden is what I am calling it this year.  I have a wonderfully sized yard for living in the city and have been trying and retrying to grow vegetables for the last few years. I can’t seem to give up planning for the next growing season every fall. This year I added potatoes to the standards of tomatoes, peppers, carrots and beets and every year I am not successful.

Handful of fingerling potatoes

yellow cherry tomatoes, red pepper, banana pepper

Vegetables to scale

Every spring as I plant my rows of vegetables I remember my grandfathers garden. He grew the most amazing tomatoes and peppers in white containers around the house in St. Augustine, Florida. I think he secret weapon was fish bones. So now that I am looking forward and planning for the next growing season I am going to follow his techniques. I have 5 gallon white containers and I will get fish head and bones from the fish market in the spring before I plant next year. So, I will try again next year and then then year after that.

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