Paris Patisseries-Ladure’e

Pastries offered at Laduree’

More pastries

It was hard to choose what to pick

The shop window

The front of the shop
Praline Sucre

Chocolate eclair

Assortments of macarons

According to blogs, reviews and pastry lovers this shop is the quintessential macaron shop in the city. They also don’t allow photos, at least at the shop at the airport and other locations in the city. I walked in and  I was totally amazed at all the pastries they had to offer. I went to the back of the store and it was a little busy so I pulled my camera out of my bag and quickly and quietly took some pictures. I didn’t use a flash, step in front of anyone so I took some more pictures. I didn’t get chased away when I took pictures of the shop on the street. When I was done taking pictures I had to decide what to eat. They did have a wide array of macarons but towards the back is where the other pastries were displayed. I purchased more macarons strictly for “research” decided on a chocolate eclair and  Praline Sucre. The eclair was OK, but the Praline was creamy and chocolaty a good choice.

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