No fail pie crust?

Salted butter cut lengthwise
The only two tools needed
Knead the butter
Roll it out into a rectangle
Fold into thirds
Roll it out into a rectangle again

Form a disk and let it rest
Form two discs let it rest and it is ready to use or freeze

How is this possible? OR, is this possible? I try very hard to get the perfect pie crust but it in not easy… if you have tried you know what I mean. Too wet, too tough, not flaky, and just plain bad. It seems that it should not be that hard but it can be tricky. I have in the past used my trusty food processor to make pie crust. Pulse the butter(unsalted) and flour and salt to get small pea size crumbs…. then slowly add ice cold water but not too much to make a sticky dough and of course not mix it too much or it will be tough. What ever that means. I found this recipe on Chez Pim blog and of course I was intrigued. No fail. Now that I am on the hunt for the perfect “state” fair pies I want to perfect my pie crust. So here we go. I have not made a pie today the pie dough is put away in the freezer until I find a traditional pie recipe  or something that catches my eye to create a Blue Ribbon winner.
The first thing that was different was the use of salted butter then you use your hands to knead the dough. You roll and fold the dough just like puff pastry dough. It seems easy enough and it was. Simple ingredients- flour, salted dough and water, knead and fold and there you have it.
So, it will stay in the freezer until I make the decision on the pie for my great “state” fair pie adventure.

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