The Last Marathon in Paris

Last year on a whim I told the hubster about the last day to register for a lottery spot in the Paris marathon. “What have you got to lose”? I said. I didn’t think he would get… View Post

Don’t be afraid it’s only pate a choux

Water, butter, eggs they don’t seem scary do they? No, but if you want to make Pate a choux pastry it may seem intimidating well, at least to me it does.  I want to  make… View Post

Paris Patisseries-Arnaud Larher

Assortment of  macarons Chocolates Cacao nibs Arnaud Larher Cacao Nibs The Toulouse Lautrec The Macaron de Clara One thing that draws me to Paris is the food, especially the pastries. Paris had many top notch… View Post