Donut peach donuts

My food adventure this week is making and of course eating donut peach donuts. When I first saw this recipe I was curious, what are they? and what a weird name. The donut peach, is… View Post

DC “State” fair

The DC “State” Fair Judging the cupcakes The start of the S’more cupcakes Lemon bar cupcakes Marshmallow frosting On August 28th DC will have the 1st ever “state” fair. I have entered cupcakes. Lemon bar… View Post

New work space

New work stations My kitchen is a very awkward workspace , the appliances in one room and my prep area is another room. The house was built in 1926 so the rooms are small. The… View Post

Traditions on a Sunday Morning

Our breakfast spot Sunday morning breakfast Sunday mornings are for leisurely reading the paper and drinking coffee. At least this is what my husband and I have been doing for the last 5 years. This… View Post

Cookbooks galore

I have been working on purging my kitchen of unused stuff and cookbooks. My love of books carries over into to the kitchen. The collection of books was taking over my workspace.  This collection has my… View Post