From the garden

Well after a hot and dry summer my garden harvest has started. So, far two spaghetti squash, two single serving size of red peppers, one single serving butternut squash, and one sugar pumpkin, three pumpkins… View Post

No fail pie crust?

Salted butter cut lengthwise The only two tools needed Knead the butter Roll it out into a rectangle Fold into thirds Roll it out into a rectangle again Form a disk and let it rest… View Post

It’s Apple Dumpling Day

Apple Dumpling from Brown’s Brew Pub in Troy, NY Enjoy! With or without ice cream it’s your choice. View Post

Make room for…

When I rearranged my work area in my kitchen I purged many of my cookbooks. But old habits die hard. I did make room in my work space but it seems that new cookbooks are… View Post

Comfort food: Mac & Cheese

The ultimate comfort food? Mashed potatoes, chicken and dumplings? For me it’s Mac & cheese. I have a long love affair of this food. It all started with the blue box. I ate this all… View Post