The Quintessential Southern Pudding to Celebrate Pudding Month

Southern pot luck dinner, BBQs or the Sunday family dinner just wouldn’t be truly southern if this one dish was missing. That one dish is Banana Pudding. Served warm or cold, meringue topping or whipped… View Post

Trollies, Tarts, and Tiles are My Three Favorite Things in Lisbon, Portugal

Forget the whiskers on kittens and packages tied up with string my three favorite things are trollies, tiles and tarts; in Lisbon, Portugal, of course. Warm weather, fresh seafood, old buildings and churches what’s not… View Post

Torta de Santiago; Traditional Almond Cake Along The Way.

  In the northern tip of Spain is an area called Galicia. This area  is the home to cathedral Santiago de Compostela. Perhaps you know of it. Maybe have walked one of the many routes… View Post

Happy Ten Year Blogaversary To Me.

Happy Blogaversary to me. Today is the 10 year anniversary of my blog. It’s been quite a learning experience from the first blogs to today. I  started Eat, Bake, and Travel because I wanted to… View Post

Cigars and Chocolate Tastings In The Dominican Republic

When you think of cigars do the images of big southern tobacco farms or low lit dark paneled rooms with fine leather chairs, cognac and old gentlemen come to mind? Or perhaps, Cuba, big colorful… View Post