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The other side of Vegas

While we were vacationing in Vegas we took a side trip/tour to the Neon Graveyard. For $15.00 you are taken on a guided tour of the final resting place of the Vegas neon of yesteryear.…

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Via Las Vegas

When you tell people you are going to Vegas for a week what comes to mind? 99 cent shrimp cocktails, foot long hot dogs, cheap all you can eat buffets? There seems to be a…

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Deep fried turkey

Getting ready to fry Turkey waiting for the fryer Traditional cranberry sauce  After the skin feeding frenzy OK, this may seem a bit late but the holiday does get a bit busy.  About six years…

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It’s that time of year– Halloween

Brain Cupcakes Severed finger cookies A plate of treats any Zombies would love Around our house it’s can get a bit ghoulish at this time year. It means severed fingers cookies and brain cupcakes. Some…

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Cookies, Cookies

I thought that we needed cookies at work, so I made chocolate chocolate chip cookies. The recipe comes from Ready from Dessert: my best recipes by David Lebovitz. Everyone raved about the cookies. The only…

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