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The Best Little Butter Cookie, It’s All About The Butter

I have eaten a lot of cookies in my life so I am skeptical when it comes to the best of this and the best of that. But when it comes to the butter cookie,…

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Sippin’ Bourbon on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

    YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE 21 TO READ THIS POST. But you do to enter the distiller sites linked in this post.  Two trips and two years in the making but we…

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A Short Day of Sightseeing and Eating Our Way Around Charleston, South Carolina

  As I was watching Hurricane Dorian batter the South Carolina and in particular Charleston, I think back to the day we spent sightseeing and eating our way through this charming Southern City.  We did…

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How I Spent my summer vacation in Juneau Alaska

  Summers where I live can be unbearable, hot and humid so nothing gets done outside even walking the dog is short. When I had the chance to go to Alaska I jumped on the…

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Eating and drinking your way through Juneau Alaska when you are not on a cruise

Alaska, the 49 state, the artic, 24 hours of sun, 24 hours of darkness, long winters, cruise ship heaven, no matter what you say about it, nothing prepares you for the vast open beauty that…

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