My Top Beach Picks For An Ocean City, Maryland Vacation

Welcome sign to Ocean City, MD
Greetings from Ocean City, MD

Summer has officially begun. The temps have heated into the 90s. Time to plan a getaway from the city. We are lucky living in DC. You can hop in your car and in 3ish hours you can be in the mountains, two other major cities, or the beach. My pick is the beach. The fresh sea air, the sound of the crashing waves are perfect to lull you to sleep. With toes in the sand and sun on your face(with sunscreen on) here are my top favorite beach picks for eating and participating in Ocean City, MD.

Top beach pick Steamed blue crab atPhillips Crab House.
Steamed Blue Crabs are the quintessential beach food
Top beach picks Original Crab Factory Crab cakes.
Don’t like hard shell crabs, maybe crab cakes are more to your liking

For the quintennial MD beach visit Maryland blue Crabs are a must (unless you are allergic to shellfish) Hard shell or crab cake my favorites are Phillips Crab House and for crab cakes the Original Crab cake factory.  The hubster is not a fan of steamed hard-shell crabs, but he’s all in  for crab cakes and oysters. We would always come to Phillips Crab House during our family beach vacations. I love the sound and feel of the brown craft paper that covers your table. Once your table is covered properly steamed crabs are not far behind. If you have a cut on your finger beware Old Bay seasoning will hit that and make you know you are alive!

Ocean City’s Boardwalk is the the place to go to walk off everything you may have eaten. It is also the place to eat to your heart’s content. Pizza, burgers, subs and everything in between. My favorite treat is the caramel corn popcorn from Fishers’s popcorn. There is always room in the car for a big tub to bring home. It never lasts long in our house.

The Ocean City boardwalk.
You can find just about anything you want to eat on the boardwalk
Top beach picks Fisher’s Caramel corn.
There is never enough caramel corn

Don’t want popcorn? Is the heat of the sun and sand getting to you? Dumsers’ Dairyland is great way to cool down in the heat of the summer. It doesn’t have to be summer for an ice cream treat as every season is ice cream season.

It’s always ice cream season

Top beach pick Dumsers’ Ice cream
A couple of scoops hits the spot on a hot summer evening

Tired of seafood? Craving a good pit beef? My go to is Bull on the beach. Tender and juicy pilled high on a roll. there’s is a location right on the beach.

Top beach pick Pit beef sandwich.
The true MD sandwich, the pit beef

One of the many fan favorites is Thrasher fries. For some no trip to Ocean City is not complete with out a tub of fries. The portions are large and if you aren’t carful a crafty seagull just might steal a fry or two.

Top beach pick Trasher’s Fries.
Trasher’s fries are beloved by all, even the gulls

Amusement parts galore with mini golf up and down Coastal Highway. No beach trip is complete with out a good scream on a roller coaster. There are a couple on the boardwalk for your rollercoaster needs.

Rollercoasters are always fun
Are rides more fun at night?
Top beach pick Timpers Rides carousel.

Relive your childhood on one of the many rides at Timber Rides. Since 1890, Trimper’s Rides in Ocean City is the oldest continuously family owned and operated amusement park in the world. Trimper’s has entertained millions of families with the Herschell-Spillman Merry-Go-Round, Bill Tracy Haunted House, the world-class Tidal Wave coaster, thrilling rides and unique attractions. The centerpiece is the Herschell Spilman Grand Carousel. I think the menagerie of the animals is more art than a ride. It’s fun the whole family, young or old. It’s indoors so rain or shine it a top beach pick.

NO crab feast is complete without beer and Ocean City does have a few craft breweries. Check out the beer trail. We started at Backshore Brewery. If you have couple of days it is worth checking out and tasting what the locals are brewing up for siping pleasure.

Top beach pick Backshore beer flight.
You have to start somewhere when on a beer trail

So, there it is my top beach picks for Ocean City.  It’s a good start to explore Ocean City, get your toes in the sand and explore all the shore has to offer.

The beach at Ocean City, MD

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