Happy Ten Year Blogaversary To Me.

On the water in Bangkok
Food in Singapore

Happy Blogaversary to me. Today is the 10 year anniversary of my blog. It’s been quite a learning experience from the first blogs to today.

Nothing beats a homemade Chocolate chip cookie

I  started Eat, Bake, and Travel because I wanted to write about my adventures with food and travel. That’s the main reason I wanted to blog. Over the years I’ve blogged about my trip to Troy, NY were we discovered Brown’s Brewery and a great apple dumpling, Merrakesh, Normandy, Paris and let’s not forget the posts about  food. I have written about baking in my kitchen, then i wrote about the renovation of our kitchen after 15 of the worst kitchen ever. I’ve eaten some fantastic food around the globe, from the fried sardines and oysters in Vigo, Spain, all the great food in New Orleans, to the fabulous Japanese cuisine aboard Royal Caribbean sailing the seas. I blogged about my grandmother’s lemon cheesecake cake recipe after i tracked down the recipe from my aunt and from Argo cornstarch. During our travels there were markets to explore in Vietnam, street food in Bangkok and the Hawker markets in Singapore, and the haggis and whisky in Scotland. We sipped bourbons in KY, toured wineries in VA, and  discovered microbreweries along the Shenandoah Valley Beer Trail. I still have so much to write about my past travels and my most recent  baking experiences. I did a lot of baking in the early weeks of COVID 19. I challenged my baking skills and learned how to make pastéis de nata and canelés de Bordeaux.


Bourbon tasking in Kentucky along the bourbon trail

Most of all, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve attended food blogging conferences all over the US. I am constantly learning.  Learning how to edit bad photos and most of all trying not to take bad photos to begin with. I learned to write longer posts and using social media to promote the posts. It’s been fun to blog off and on for all these years. Not sure what the futures holds for what or when I will be traveling again, what I will be eating or creating in the kitchen, but I hope you will still follow.

Just some of the Buddhas in Bangkok

I have included some of the blogs I created over these ten years of writing. It was hard to pick what I wanted to add but I picked a few! Bad pictures and all.


Jungle Jim’s a Foodies Dream Store

The Best Little Butter Cookie, It’s All About The Butter

Hallowed Ground

Specialty Dinning; or Eating outside of the Main Dinning Room Dinning on a Cruise

Iconic foods of New Orleans

You Can Never Have To Much Bourbon In A Fruitcake. 

Hectic and chaotic streets of Marrakech

COVID 19 Lockdown Travel; 48 Hours or One Night in Bangkok

Paris, foie gras and beef cheeks.

Chez Panisse

Ode to the Haggis or Happy Birthday Robbie Burns

How I Spent my summer vacation in Juneau Alaska

Grandma’s Lemon Cheesecake Cake

Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland

Exotic Souteast Asia

Don’t be afraid it’s only pate a choux

Europe Paris Scotland and London 2008 224


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