Jungle Jim’s a Foodies Dream Store



Just looking at it I get overwhelmed

A foodies paradise sits in unassuming neighborhood of on the outskirts of Cincinnati. Nestled between strip malls and fast food joints. Perhaps you have heard of it? If not, let me introduce you to, Jungle Jim’s. Its a foodies dream store of products and mechanized kitsch that you can’t help but it have fun while you shop. You never know what is around the next isle and it is necessary to go down each one.

I really can’t describe it. But I will try. Jungle Jim’s is the place to go if you need anything from around the world. Once you find what you need, stock up like there is no tomorrow. I was first introduced to it a couple of years ago. But I first became aware of Jim’s from seeing it on TV boasting the worlds largest collection of hot sauce. My first tim was overwhelming me from the get go. Sensory overload hit me so hard that and I need to sit down and focus. Cheese, meats, liquors, beer and of course butter. How much is too much? Three hundred dollars and a cooler full of French, Belgian salted and unsalted butter later, is not too much! I did buy things like cheeses and beer! And it wasn’t hard to find good German Wheat beer and stinky cheese.

So many butters to choose, I ended up with a armful of all of them.  
You can actually see the flakes of sea salt in the butter.
Dragon Fruit
Buddha’s Hand fruit
Fresh brussel sprouts still on the salk
Japanese bitter melon  


f you need a special ingredient you probably can find it here. The produce, oh the produce. Lots of Asian fruit and vegetables. It seemed like the produce section went on for miles. After you wind your way in the produce you enter into the categorized section of the store. You can peruse the hot sauce section, cooking supply section and many countries and geographic areas have there own section. Even Fido has section. Pig ears, bully sticks and all sorts of treats. Dog, cat or whatever,  no need to leave them out.

It good that they give you a map. Take my advice make a day of it. It is so huge you just might need the whole day. Pace yourself and take your time. Maybe make a list.  Don’t let all the bells and whistles distract you. Lastly, don’t be fooled into thinking the bathroom is really the porta potty! Go ahead and open the door you know you want to. It’s all part of the show.

I wished I live closer, my wallet is happy we don’t. So when I do get to go it is real treat.


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