The Best Little Butter Cookie, It’s All About The Butter

Tins of cookies from our trip

I have eaten a lot of cookies in my life so I am skeptical when it comes to the best of this and the best of that. But when it comes to the butter cookie, in my opinion this is the best butter cookie in the world. Ok, in my world.

So could this be the best butter cookie in the world? Yes, and it is all about the butter and salt. Tucked away in the Northwest region of France is a very special cattle breed, the Normande. These cattle are bred  not only their meat but in a region that produces as much cheese as France, it is prized for its milk. With this milk you can create cheese and butter. What is so special about butter from this region, you ask? Well the salt from sea and the butter from these cows creates what I can only describe as mana from heaven. It’s best alone on bread but it adds that little extra something to make the best sandwiches.  This butter is just the beginning. It is used to create all sorts of the most delectable edibles you can eat. But let’s talk about the cookie.

This particular butter cookie comes from Mont St. Michele. Mont Staint Michele is situated in between Brittany and Normandy. The big rock is on a tidal basin and if you don’t leave by high tide you are stuck and will have to wait it out. On the mont is an Inn, La Mère Poulard. In 1888, Annette Poulard opened her inn on Mont Saint-Michel to cater for pilgrims and food-lovers. They flocked to her doorstep to discover cooking that became famous around the world. They are known for their ommeltte and butter cookie.  But not just any old butter cookie, but one that melts in your mouth and leaves you crying for more.  It’s the La Mère Poulard  butter cookie. The La Mère Poulard factory- has been making these cookies since 1888. That’s a lot years to make and perfect a cookie. And they have, trust me.

During a bus trip to the Normandy Beaches, we stopped at a rest stop to stretch our legs or get a cup of coffee. Being the  curious foodie that I am, I always like to paruse the local shops and gas stations to see what food items they have. But this time was special,  I was on the hunt for a specific item. The Poulard butter cookie. And there they were,  EUREKA,  I found them.  Scooping all of the boxes I scurried to the check out. I wonder what the clerk must of thought of my cookie purchase. No matter I had them. I gathered  the boxes,  balancing them in my arms as I made my way back to our bus. Climbing up the steep stairs and to back on to the bus I did receive a few curious glances as I strutted with pride of my purchase. I made it back to my seat without dropping a box of   THE BEST BUTTER COOKIE. It took gargantuan restrain not to gobble them down right away. I saved them for the trip home and yes, I did leave a few so I could take a box to work for my co-workers.

This cookie is crumbly not to messy, sweet but not too sweet and it really is melt in your mouth buttery goodness.  The better the butter the better the cookie.

Some of the best butter
Cookies, cookies and more cookies
A little egg wash for the cookies

After scouring the internet I was able to find a recipe for the cookie to see if I could recreate it or at least get a good butter cookie. I used my salted French butter Isigny Sainte-Mère. This recipe comes close but there is nothing like the original. If you have ever had the La Mère Poulard butter cookie you will know it is the perfect butter cookie. It’s an anytime cookie, to enjoyed with coffee tea or anytime.

Cookies for tea time

The recipe come closest is THE SABLE COOKIE, and this recipe is from David Lebovitz . He adapted the recipe from Little Flower Baking. 

If you find yourself in the Normandy region seek out these cookies and don’t be shy, stock up. Eat some, save some. Can’t make it to Normandy and you find yourself in the Cincinnati area you can find the butter at Jungle Jims. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you can’t do either never fear,  you can order them from Amazon. I think I need to place an order right now.

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