Exotic Souteast Asia

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Our next adventure ditches the cold and lack of snow to the hot and humid region Southeast Asia.We are packed and ready to go!

All packed and ready to go

We will be visiting Singapore, Vietnam and Bangkok. But it starts with a very long flight with connections in Seoul, South Korea then on to Singapore.

Economy eating at 32,000 ft

Into the wild blue yonder
Somewhere over Russia or China 
A wonderful jungle in the Seoul airport

We won’t have much time in Singapore so my must do list is very short with a lot of hawker stalls to visit. Singapore is famous for it hawker food stalls. My list of must eat dishes will be in hand. Chili crab, chicken rice and of course to try to find a sweet dessert are on the list.

History and food awaits in Vietnam and Bangkok. I can’t wait to visit the night markets were stalls of food vendors abound.  Tuk tuk rides and fried insects anyone? Yes please. But I  draw the line at durian fruit.

I want to see the many temples as I can and of course the Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay Towers. It will be an adventure for sure, as we have never been this far east. I have never really suffered from jet lag. This certainly will be different. I can’t wait to tell you about my adventures when I get back!     

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