Julia’s birthday and a classic dish

This post was written before my big kitchen remodel. I like to go to see her kitchen when I need some inspiration.
So, today would have been Julia Child’s 104th birthday. In need of something, my recent trip to her kitchen at the National American History Museum (it’s right next door to my office), was a chance to get some inspiration. Standing in the doorway peering into the kitchen I was inspired not only to cook but I decided to hang my pans like she did.

Julia’s kitchen, my source of inspiration.

One small DIY project later my pans were hung up on  peg board just like she did (well the hubster really did the work).

DIY pan hanging project

I wanted to make something iconic and not too complicated to honor her life. Should I make 

a cake or a dessert? Not sure to what to make and I was getting some what obsessed about it. Then it hit me,   Boeuf Bourguignon, the dish that started it all. I started at noon and four hot hours later it was finally ready. It seemed more liquid like a stew and not as thick as maybe it should be. And not as simple but it only took one taste from the hubster and he was hooked. 

A recipe, mushroom, bacon and the finished dish

 Holy Crap, damn that’s good, were a few of our comments. Wishing for cooler weather and I’m going to make this again. 

Boeuf Bourginion 

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