Sailing high seas in search of food and ruins

The Erechtheum

So it’s now October. Most people are “stocking” up on Halloween candy (we all know that you are eating it as well). I on the other hand am taking a much needed vacation/adventure on the Mediterranean sea on a cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas.
I will traipsing through ancient ruins, eating gyros, moussaka, dinking Mythos beer and on the hunt for Cretan Pie or Bougasta as it called. And of course the pasta in Rome!

A local lunch spot for gyros and Mythos beer

I understand the best place to find it in Chania is  Bougatsa Chanion at 37 Apokoronou St, and Bougatsa Iordanis at 24 Apokoronou St.

I will try to recreate some of the food we discovered on our travels when I get my land legs back and have time to unpack and reminisce about our trip. 

Empty plate, Rome

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