Excurstion to the test Kitchen of Sur la Table

DISCLAIMER: I agreed to write three blogs about International Food Bloggers Conference, the food, Seattle or any part of the conference in exchange for a discount on my registration. 

 I am certainly not a perfect person. It took me a few days to unpack from the IFBC conference, but I got home late and had to get up the next day for work, then the Pope came to town and interrupted my commute… on and on. But it’s the weekend and time to unpack my suitcase full of loot, oh I mean swag from the sponsors of the conference.  

I learned from my first food blogging conference you need extra room in your suitcase for the products you will bring home. This year was like hitting the mother lode. I signed up for the Sur la Table/Kitchenaid excursion and it did not disappoint.

We gathered in the lobby of the hotel. As we waited for the busses to take us to our respective locations the conversation got louder and the lobby was filling up with eager participants. It was fun to see familiar faces as we waited for out bus. Well that didn’t work out. Our bus never came so four at a time, like embarking into the ark, we loading in to waiting taxis to take us to Sur la Table HQ and the test kitchen. Squeezed in the taxi we chit chatted about food, blogs, family and other topics until we arrived at the appointed destination.

At last, the mothership of all that is food related, the test kitchen of Sur la Table. I felt like I had come home to roost. We were treated to a cooking demonstration, a light lunch, an explanation of the products that will be coming out for the holidays, and then a demo of the newest product from Kitchenaid.  Ooos and ahhhh from the crowd greeted          


And so the demos and food came to an end as it was time to head back to the opening registration of the conference and even more swag. But we certainly did not leave empty handed! That’s is an understatement. We each left with a large heavy bag filled to the brim with wonderful new mixes, gadgets and kitchen toys to try out. Up first is browned butter pound cake.

Thanks to our sponsors for the excursion and conference.  Sur la Table, Kitchenaid, Analon,  Krusteaz, American Lamb Council, Stonyfield, and so many others.

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