Mustard, it’s not just yellow anymore

Deviled eggs made more devilish with Truffle Dijon mustard

If you opened your refrigerator right now what kind of mustard do you have tucked away onyour shelves? If you are like me you have a few, ok more than a few, in my case I have five. 

I grew up on plain ole yellow mustard. Then we moved to accept dark brown mustard. The yellow was not alone. Then with a great marketing campaign Dijon mustard moved in. Too much of that stuff and your nostrils are cleaned out, but it seemed exotic so we used it. When I lived Germany discovered   stoneground and grainy mustards.

Maille Mustard shop since 1747

It wasn’t until my recent trip to Paris that I experience the ultimate in mustard consumption. You can actually get mustard on tap, yes I said on tap, just like beer! We were just wandering down one of the many cute Parsian streets and there is was in all it’s mustard glory. Maille they have been making mustard since 1747.

Mustards on tap!

What a great delivery, mustards online!

Thanks goodness for the online store so as soon I arrived back in the states I was online ordering a couple of flavors. Truffle flavor in a small crock and black olive. A few days later my package arrived. The little crock of truffle flavored mustard was small so do you just slather it all willy nilly on sandwiches? Or make something outrageous? No to both. I made deviled eggs! Yes, deviled eggs. It certainly took it another level. It only takes a small about to add that “there is something in there and I can’t tell what it is”. 

My crock is just about empty and I think I have just enough to make another small batch of deviled eggs or something else because today is Mustard Day! 

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