Land of Fire and Ice, Icleand

The Blue Lagoon

Sun Voyager sculpture
Hallgrimsskirkja Church and Leif Eriksson stattue

Iceland has been describes as the  Land of Fire and Ice, Land of the Midnight sun, Land of elves and the Northern Lights. I call it unearthly and beautiful.

Our travels this spring included a stopover in Reykjavik for a few days on our way home from Paris. This was no accident. Besides the best airfare, it has the Blue Lagoon.  A hot spring filled with minerals to soak a wearing body from running 26.2 miles was the main reason for stopping in this moonscape of a country.

We had been to Iceland once before and vowed to come back and many years later a promised fullfiled. 

Puffin with Brenivin blueberry sauce, Minke Whale, and blue ling 

The BEST hot dogs, ever!

Fish and Chips 

Since I missed out on eating puffin last time I made  sure to do my homework and found a restaurant that not only served puffing but whale too. It was a Spanish Tapas bar, Tapas Barrin. We settled on the       Icelandic Gourmet Feast menu, you only have to order one feast to have enough for two. And we were not disappointed. A 7 course tasting menu. So, we tasted puffin and yes, minke whale. Niether tasted like chicken, both had a unique taste and texture and both were delicous!  Hubster says that the Minke whale tastes like a cow that lives in the ocean.  
Our culinary adventure had us eating what now I can say is the best fish and chips I have ever eaten from Icelandic Fish and Chips which is just down the block frock from another fish and chip place so don’t be fooled.  Make sure is says Iclandic Fish and Chips. and of course we didn’t forget about the famous Icelandic hot dog from
Bæjarins beztu pylsur
I didn’t try the fermented shark on this adventure but I found out I could order it online. Maybe, I’ll just pass on that one.

We bought all sorts of chocolates at the airport duty free shop as well as Bjork and Birkir liquor which is distilled birch bark. We waited until we got home to taste test and after sipping we wished we  bought a few more bottles home.  You can see that the Bjork is at a lower level.   

Need to get more of this.

Notes for next trip:

Southern Coast excursion

Fermented Shark (maybe)

And bring back more chocolates and liquor.


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