The Last Marathon in Paris

Last year on a whim I told the hubster about the last day to register for a lottery spot in the Paris marathon. “What have you got to lose”? I said. I didn’t think he would get picked and if he wanted to run he would have wait to get a spot when registration opened up. Boy was I wrong! He did 

get picked and from then on we were planning a trip to Paris (oh, poor me, a trip to my favorite city).

The trip started to snowball (in a good way) from there. Our friends who live in England are joining us for the weekend. We decided to rent an apartment. We opted to fly Icelandair and spend a few days in Reykjavik on the way home.

April in Paris, let’s hope it is warm and dry. We have a lot pastry eating to do along with a little sightseeing and a small race to attend.  I maped the pastry shops I want go to and made notes about the sights I want to see. It will not be that kind of trip where it’s all planned out, so we get see what we see and if we don’t do something then we’ll get to it next time. I’m trying to leave a lot of room for the randomness of traveling but since I am a planner who knows what will happen.    

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