Paris, foie gras and beef cheeks.

Foie Gras Terrine with toast and fig jam

Paris, the city of food fit for kings. It was hard to dine on bad food but there were some misses with the French food roulette. More on that later!

I must confess 3 out of our 4 meals started at least for me foie gras. I can’t help myself. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. The first night was a meal down the street from our home away from home the hubster had a miss with his lamb dish I had a hit with the one of many foie gras appetizers of the trip.  

Another dinner another dish of foie gras

One warning we didn’t listen to was making reservations weeks before the trip. So as we wondered the streets looking at posted menus and passing over many restaurants we found Le Procope.  We were able to get a table early. Founded in 1686 this establishment became the meeting for liberal ideas and intellectuals. Now mind you this is the night before the hubster’s big race. And normally you carb load but the hubster took a different route and had a beautifully seared duck breast and mash potatoes. We all chose wisely as well ordering the beef cheek and coc au vinBoth dishes arriving in VERY hot copper pots. A lot can be said about Le Procope, it’s too touristy, blah blah blah, but our food was outstanding as was the service. Best of all, we were treated to the Crepe Suzette show right next to our table.  

Duck breast with mash potatoes

Beef cheeks

Crepe Suzette station

The biggest miss of all was the dinner we had after the race and as it was our last meal, turns out for some to be the nightmares of all French menus. It was all in French and the waitstaff was not good at translations and they didn’t really seem to care. So, we took our chances and two orders were a miss. The Hubster had yet another miss with the Pied de porc, or pig trotters,  did not sit well with some.  luckily for for the Hubster the trotters didn’t stay around for long.   Two of us had a hit with the beef cheek stew!  

Beef cheeks again

Pigs trotters not a good choice for dinner 

It was too short of a trip and we are already plotting when we can go back. Paris is forever my favorite city and I know that I will never starve!    

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