Seasons of the market

Farmer’s Markets are everywhere. On my way home on Thursdays I stop by one and I  have become loyal to a few of the vendors. Then after a what seems like an eternity the farmer’s market returned to my neighborhood. Like a long lost friend the Historic Brookland Farmer’s Market returned. So, every Saturday I would get up and get there early, for the best produce of course, not because I like getting up early on my days off. From the strawberries as the first fruit to buy to the last of the apples and squash in the fall. The last two markets featured Christmas trees along side of the last of the apples, cider and squash. 

Following the seasons I made pastries, jams and even pickles. My neighbors made out like bandits with all the stuff that was coming out of my kitchen. Sometimes taking a pause from creating I would simply just eat the fruit in its natural state. Nothing says summer than fresh, ripe, juicy peaches. As summer settled in just sitting on our front porch eating a bowl of peaches in cream reminds me of summers when my brother and I were little and we would  sit on our front step and eat bowls of fresh picked peaches with the warm summer sun shinning on our freckled faces. Using apples from my favorite vendor I was able to win the Best Apple Pie at the DC State Fair. Colder mornings didn’t stop me from stockpiling squashes and potatoes. Just in time for the long winter, not sure how long the potatoes will last with Christmas dinner coming up. 

Now that we have just celebrated the longest night of the year, it wont be long until it’s time to enjoy the fruits of another season. 

A strawberry pastry 

Blueberry galette 

Dill pickles in the making
Awarding winning apple pie!

First place ribbon for my apple pie

Nothing says summer than peaches and cream

Cherry jam, lots and lots of jam.

Fruits from the market

Gourds and squashes 

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