If you roast it we will come and drink

If you roast/cook/build it we will come…

Years ago when we bit the bullet and moved into the city, we moved into a very sleepy part of town. There was not much in the way of restaurants and especially coffee shops. When one opened we were there every Sunday, except for vacations, until it closed. 

Now a new shop has moved in and we go. Zekes Small Roastery and shop is now the coffee shop to go to in our NE neck of the city. Most of their business comes from roasting and selling at farmer’s markets, local stores and in some restaurants and in other venues in the city. I must say their coffee is good the staff is very friendly and they know their beans. When we first started going to Zekes and didn’t know the staff we called them all Zeke and Zekettes. We were lucky that they sell their coffee at our local farmer’s market on Saturday and then on Sunday we would visit the shop.

The roasting machine is quite the contraption with parts that can be found at the local hardware store. 

They offer tasting flights and now they sell pastry. With the prospect of outdoor seating in the spring this just maybe our Sunday hangout.

John Kepner and Brain Bovard are the proprieters of Zekes. The shop is a franchise from Baltimore. We are gald that they settled on this space. The sidewalk is super wide and we cant wait until they have tables outside. We hope to continue the tradition of sitting and reading the Sunday paper drinking good coffee.  

Zekes Small Roastery and Coffee shop 2300 Rhode Island Ave., NE Washington, DC

Hours Tues through Friday 7:30-4pm

            Saturday and Sunday 8:00-3

             Closed Monday    

Zekes will celebrate their 1 year anniversary November 1st with a celebration! They do offer coffee tastings check out their website Zekescoffee.com 

The roasting machine

Beans roasting

The roasted beans

Beans waiting for purchase

The Calkboard

John Kepner and Brain Bovard aka The Zekes

A new delivery of beans


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